Apple v Ericsson over 5G patents

Apple has responded to Ericsson’s latest 5G patent complaint with a countersuit seeking to ban the Swedish company’s mobile base stations from being imported into the United States.

Apple vs Ericsson, 5G patent

Apple and Ericsson have been grappling with accusations and complaints for some time as all negotiations to renew the 5G license agreement broke down after the first stipulation from 2015.

In the latest complaint, Ericsson clarified that the previous agreement with Apple has expired and that a new agreement on the use of 5G technologies has not been concluded. For this reason, Apple now uses Ericsson technologies on iPhone and iPad 5G without having any license.

According to Foss Patents, Apple’s countersuit demands that the ITC impose a US import ban on Ericsson’s mobile infrastructure products. Apple claims these products infringe three of its mmWave-related patents. Prior to this lawsuit, Apple had never asked the Swedish company for a license on the patents it is talking about, but now it says it is ready to drop the case if Ericsson does the same.

If Ericsson is unwilling to allow the Texas court to determine the FRAND terms of a cross-license, Apple is obligated to respond to defendants’ infringement of Apple’s patents.

A notable curiosity is that Apple went to the courthouse in Texas, when it usually filed its lawsuits in California.

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