Apple VR: a patent describes a hardware ecosystem with an Apple TV, an iPad and an external control box

Apple recently filed a new patent on its future ecosystem around VR (and Apple Metaverse in a way). The patent in question describes a complete hardware ecosystem ranging from the iPad to the Apple VR headset via the Apple TV… and an external control box (which could be the Apple TV). The iPad could thus display a scene in mixed reality (an AR vase placed on the living room table for example), a scene which could also be seen through the VR / AR headset… or on the TV screen via the Apple TV!

Apple patent VR mixed reality Apple TV

It is easy to imagine that the objective is to make it possible to switch from one device to another as easily as possible and also to be able to create bridges between those who will not have an Apple VR headset and the others, a point essential for collaborative work (Meta is working on similar concepts). The patent also describes a device which would make the junction between the headset and the TV, for example; the images coming from the TV (or Apple TV) could thus pass to the VR headset, which could make sense for the consultation of certain content (for example iTunes films then projected in a VR cinema room). Finally, remember that according to several concurring rumors / leaks, Apple will unveil its first VR headset at the end of next year.

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