Apple VR: analysts expect a subscription in addition to the purchase of the headset

The VR headset fromApple should be very expensive if we believe the few “leaks”, probably in the range between 1000 and 3000 dollars (which is a pretty big range). Despite this high pricing, TrendForce analysts believe that Apple will necessarily resort to a linked monthly subscription in order to create a truly profitable business model.

Apple VR

“Given hardware performance requirements and gross profit margins, Apple will likely target the commercial market and adopt the same pricing strategy as HoloLens” also say the experts from Trendforce, who, contrary to the latest rumors, are betting on an accessory only intended for professionals. We note, however, that the HoloLens is nevertheless sold without a linked subscription, and to be honest, it is hard to see Apple offering the double penalty, i.e. a very high purchase price backed by a monthly subscription.

The only virtual reality company to use this strategy is Varjo, with headsets selling for $3,500 and $6,000 and a linked subscription of several hundred dollars a year. Unsurprisingly, Varjo’s sales remain within the ultra-niche market. Frankly, it seems very illogical that Apple would want to follow such an elitist strategy that it would probably kill any prospect of growth in the bud, not to mention that the general public would then completely lose interest in Apple’s VR headset.

TrendForce’s forecasts are also not very consistent with the “leaks” which ensure that Apple would aim to sell several million copies of its Apple VR in the first year of marketing, without forgetting a service offer focused on gaming, communication and the media.

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