Apple Watch 8, here is the possible design!

After years of waiting, the Apple Watch Series 8 could have a revised design compared to current models.

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Apple now uses the same design on the Apple Watch since its initial launch in 2015. The screen has been enlarged and the edges tapered, but the aesthetic differences between the first models and the Apple Watch Series 7 are very minimal.

That could change this year with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8, which could feature a completely redesigned flat frame. In fact, when Apple’s first smartwatch was launched, its rounded sides were reminiscent of the iPhone 6. Since then, nearly all Apple products have transitioned to a flat design, with rounded corners and minimal bezels.

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This trend is also expected to carry over to the new Apple Watch, which is expected to launch in 2022. The screen will likely remain similar to the Apple Watch Series 7, with a curved glass cover and rounded edges. Speakers and microphone gaps can change shape or size, with two speaker cutouts instead of one.

apple watch 8 2022

The new Apple Watch Series 8 could also offer new sensors dedicated to health, one of which will measure body temperature. Rather, it will take one or two years to have a sensor capable of measuring blood sugar, at least according to the latest rumors.

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There will be other innovations like a more powerful processor and, perhaps, more storage space.

What do you think of this possible design?

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