Apple Watch: new colors for single loop, single braided loop and sport straps

A little in general indifference in view of the latest product announcements, Apple launched new colors for its bracelets AppleWatch. Braided single loop bracelets thus gain the colors flamingo pink, bright green and starlight, single loop bracelets (smooth) move to lemon, mineral green, eucalyptus and nectarine (joys of marketing!), bracelets sport loop get lavender/light lilac, nectarine/peony, cream beige/lemon zest, light blue/abyss blue and midnight/eucalyptus combos, the sport strap (solid color) gains mist blue, lemon zest and green lively, the Hermès Simple Tour Jumping bracelet is entitled to Black/Light Grey, Linen Blue/Veronese Green, Cassis/Magnolia and Veronese Green/Black combos, and finally, the Hermès Simple Tour Attelage bracelet adds fawn Barénia, black and ebony Barénia.

Nectarine single loop bracelet (49 euros)

Pink Flamingo braided single loop bracelet (99 euros)

Apple Watch fawn band

Hermès Single Tour Attelage Fauve bracelet (369 euros)

Of course, all these new strap colors are available for the 41mm and 45mm Apple Watch cases.

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