Apple Watch Saves Dentist’s Life; Tim Cook reacts

A few days ago, Nitesh Chopraa dentist living in Haryana in India, felt discomfort in the chest. Cautious, the dentist performs a small ECG test with his Apple Watch Series 6… which turns out to be frankly alarming: Nitesh Chopra must consult a doctor as soon as possible. Further analysis shows that the dentist has an almost clogged artery.

The survivor esteems himself “blessed” and can’t “not expressing enough gratitude” to his Apple Watch which indeed saved his life. “When I was at CCU (hospital, editor’s note)my wife and I were continually comparing the reading from our Apple Watch with the monitor, and the two were in sync” said the very grateful Nitesh. Following this misadventure, which ended well, the young dentist even sent a thank you email to Tim Cook… who was quick to respond: “I am very happy that you requested a clinical evaluation and received the care that you wanted. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Have a nice day. Best wishes, Tim. »

This is of course not the first time that the Apple Watch has saved a life, and one can suspect that Apple loves these news items which give it indirect publicity.

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