Apple Watch users would increase their physical activity by 35% on average (yes but…)

AIA Healthan Australian insurance company, has integrated since 2020 theAppleWatch in one of its insurance contracts called Vitality. 1198 people have subscribed to this contract… the results of which seem spectacular, as AIA Health states in a press release: “Comparing the physical activity in 2019 and 2020 of those who signed up for AIA Vitality’s Apple Watch Benefit last year, we saw a 35% increase in activity on average year over year. the other. The age group with the most significant improvement in physical activity was those aged 50 and over, which saw a 51% year-over-year increase. »


This could almost serve as an indirect advertisement for Apple’s toquante, but there is still a small element to consider in the equation: Members of AIA Health who chose to register for Vitality received a Free Apple Watch as long as they continue to meet specific health goals set for them. Inevitably, it motivates a little to do push-ups… It would undoubtedly be much more interesting to know the gain in activities for the owners of Apple Watch “lambda”.

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