Apple will compensate customers who experienced slowdowns on the iPhone 4S

Thus ends the class action filed against Apple after accusations related to the slowdown of the iPhone 4S following the update to iOS 9: the Californian firm will pay $15 to all users concerned.

iPhone 4S slowdowns

The class action lawsuit was originally filed in December 2015 by a group of plaintiffs from New York and New Jersey, who appear to be iPhone 4S owners, accusing Apple of misrepresenting the iOS 9 update as an improvement in terms of performance.

The plaintiffs argued that not only did iOS 9 not improve performance, as Apple had promoted, but it significantly slowed the performance of their iPhone 4S.

ios 9 iphone 4s

The update to iOS 9, remember, brought many additions and innovations to the iPhone and iPad, and promoted better, smoother and faster performance through more efficient CPU usage and of the GPU, optimized for Metal.

As part of the deal, Apple has allocated $20 million to compensate iPhone 4S owners who experienced poor performance after updating to iOS 9.

Customers who believe they are entitled to the $15 compensation must file an affidavit stating – to the best of their knowledge – that, following the upgrade to iOS 9, their iPhone 4S experienced a drop significant performance.

A website will be set up where customers who believe they are entitled to a refund can submit their request, providing their personal data, contact details and the serial number of the affected iPhone (if possible). For more information, you can read the full act.

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