Apple will improve the concentration mode of iPhones

iOS 16 will offer significant improvements to Focus mode. Two months before the presentation, a beta version of iOS confirmed in advance Apple’s intentions regarding the notifications on iPhone.

ios 15 notifications

Last year, the iOS 15 update brought a host of new features to iPhones. Among the new key features of the interface, we find Focus mode. This improved “do not disturb” mode allows users to customize how notifications appear on their iPhone screen.

The mode also allows you to choose which apps can send notifications during a predefined period of time, such as a period devoted to work or leisure. iOS 15 offers to create different modes, depending on the notifications you want to receive during one of your activities (reading, sport, etc.).

A new Focus mode for iOS 16

With iOS 16, Apple obviously intends to go even further. According to Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, the iOS 16 update will notably improve the notifications received on iPhone. Our colleagues from 9to5Mac corroborate the assertions of the journalist.

By rummaging in macOS 12.4 and iOS 15.5 beta codethe media has discovered clues that suggest that Apple “will introduce even more customizations” in focus mode. A warning message, visible in the beta version for developers, indicates that a mode option requires the installation of a software update.

“Using an allowed list for Focus Mode will cause these settings to be lost on your other devices with newer software. A device with newer software has updated this Focus mode to use a new configuration that this device does not support. To continue editing notifications on this device, update to the latest software”warns the alert message.

Unfortunately, the leak does not say more about the new features planned in the Concentration mode. Note that it is not uncommon for a future option to be partially disclosed by a piece of code previewed in a beta version. As a reminder, Apple will present the iOS 16 update during WWDC 2022, which will begin on June 6, 2022.

Source: 9to5Mac

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