Apple will lift the obligation to use masks for its employees

According to Bloomberg, Apple is considering dropping the requirement to wear face masks for employees at Apple Stores and businesses in the United States thanks to the drop in COVID-19 cases.

Apple, masks used

For vaccinated corporate employees, face masks are now optional in regions where there are no longer local requirements to use masks indoors. Retail staff in a small number of locations have also been advised that masks will become optional from Friday.

As more regions are removing the requirement to wear masks, Apple will make the use of masks optional. Despite this, the company continues to recommend the use of masks and provide them to customers upon request.

As early as February, Apple stopped requiring customers to wear face masks at many Apple Stores across the US, in line with changes to local guidelines, and this morning reintroduced face-to-face Today at Apple sessions. .

As for the company’s employees, Apple has yet to reveal when they might be required to return to the office. With the removal of the mask requirement in the United States, however, it is very likely that returning to the office will not be far away. Google, for example, announced the return to the office for the month of April.

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