Apple will not present its AR / VR headset at WWDC 2022

Apple’s mixed reality headset likely won’t be ready for a presentation at WWDC 2022 on June 6, as confirmed by Mark Gurman.

Apple View Concept Ar Apple 3 Headset

Although the iOS 16 internal beta already contains several references to Apple’s AR/VR headset, the company will not have time to present this device to developers.

“Apple initially had big plans to leverage WWDC 2022 as the launch event for its mixed reality headset, which has been in the works for some time. But the company will skip that date for the device’s debut and could announce the product later this year or early 2023. Despite this, betas of iOS 16, codenamed Sydney, are full of references to the headset and its interactions with the iPhone. »

Gurman believes the headset will launch during the iOS 16 update cycle, between June 2022 and fall 2023. However, it’s possible that Apple will unveil its augmented reality and reality headset software first. virtual, perhaps giving developers the first information about realityOS already during WWDC 2022.

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