Apple will retain 27% on purchases made through alternative payment systems in the Netherlands

Apple says it will take a 27% commission on purchases made in dating apps through third-party payment options in the Netherlands.

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To comply with the new law in force in the Netherlands which forces App Store managers to open up to third-party payments in dating apps, Apple is working on activating the system and specifies that it will retain a 27% commission on each transaction.

In an update on the developer support site, Apple formalized this choice, confirming a 27% deduction which is still less than 30% for in-app purchases made via the system natively offered by Apple.

“Per the ACM order, dating apps that have the right to link or use a third-party integrated payment service provider will pay Apple a transaction fee. Apple will take a 27% commission on the price paid by the user, excluding value added tax. This is a discounted rate that excludes value related to payment processing and related activities. Developers will be responsible for collecting and remitting all applicable taxes, such as Dutch Value Added Tax (VAT), for sales processed through a third-party payment service provider. »

Apple warns it won’t be directly aware of purchases made using alternative methods and won’t be able to help users with refunds, purchase history, subscription management and more issues that it usually deals with within its native payment system. Therefore, developers using third-party payment systems will need to assume these additional responsibilities and will be required to provide Apple with a monthly statement of each sale of goods and digital content through the App Store within 15 days of the end of the fiscal month. .

Apple’s concessions came following a Dutch ACM ruling that by banning dating apps from using third-party payment methods, the company was engaging in an “abuse of market power.” “. The ACM has threatened to fine Apple up to a maximum of 50 million euros per week if it does not allow dating apps to offer alternative payment options.

Although having agreed to offer this possibility, Apple has appealed the decision and is now awaiting a new decision which could take place in the coming months.

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