Apple withdraws 12 companies from the supply of minerals and raw materials

Apple says it has removed 12 smelters and refiners from its supply chain as part of its commitment to ensure a 100% mineral supply respectful of American workers and laws.

apple supply minerals

A new document sent to the SEC indicates that Apple “does not buy or source primary minerals directly from mine sites. However, we are committed to meeting and exceeding internationally accepted due diligence standards for primary minerals and recycled materials supply chains. We also seek to use only recycled and renewable minerals and materials in our products and packaging and are committed to achieving carbon neutrality for our entire supply chain by 2030.”.

Apple reports that as of December 31, 2021, all of its identified smelters and refiners in the supply chain participated in an independent monitoring audit for responsible sourcing of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold. To that end, Apple removed 12 suppliers in 2021 because they were unwilling to participate in this audit or failed to meet responsible mineral sourcing requirements. Apple says all 253 vendors in its channel have met the requirements and a total of 163 vendors have been removed since 2009.

The issue particularly concerns the Democratic Republic of Congo, where several companies exploit workers and operate in precarious security conditions when extracting minerals.

Apple says it will do even more in the coming months:

“As we work to strengthen industry-wide due diligence programs operating in 3TG mineral provenance areas, we are engaging and supporting a wide range of multi-stakeholder initiatives, including support for environmental and human rights advocacy, as well as initiatives to empower workers to raise concerns and report mining incidents. We believe that all stakeholders (including governments, civil society and industry) should step up their efforts to implement comprehensive due diligence programs, measure impact, collaborate and support local communities to improve conditions and lead economic and social development in the mining sector. »

These minerals are used by Apple in a variety of products including the iPhone, Mac, iPad, AirPods, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats, HomePod, iPod, some accessories, and even the Apple Card.

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