Apple would announce a green iPhone 13 and a purple iPad Air during its keynote

Apple will hold a keynote tomorrow and this would be the opportunity to have a green iPhone 13. It would thus be a sixth color for the smartphone which debuted last September.

Rendering iPhone 13 Green iPad Air Purple

A green iPhone 13 tomorrow at the keynote?

Currently, Apple offers the colors pink, blue, midnight, starlight and red (Product Red). So a green iPhone 13 would make its debut tomorrow during the keynote according to information from YouTuber Luke Miani. He speaks of a “new dark green color” and share the rendering above to get an idea.

Apple has already offered a new color for its iPhones in the first half of the year. It was usually the red model in connection with Product Red. But in the case of the iPhone 13, the red model has been available since launch. So that’s an alternative.

At the same time, Apple would offer a new color for the iPad Air, namely purple. As it stands, the colors available for this tablet are space gray, silver, green, rose gold and sky blue.

The various rumors have already indicated that the keynote should be an opportunity to have the iPhone SE 3 with 5G support, a new iPad Air and at least a new Mac. It could be a Mac mini or the Mac Studio.

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