Apple would have saved 6 billion euros by removing the charger and the headphones

Apple’s new environmental measures consisting of removing the earphones and the charger from the iPhone 13 boxes have also had a big impact on the company’s finances, since it has saved several billion euros.

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According to a new report from the Daily Mail, Apple would have saved no less than 6 billion dollars by removing two elements from the boxes of its smartphones: the headphones and the charger. Remember, in 2020, Apple announced that it would stop including a charger and headphones in the boxes of its iPhone 12, a policy that was renewed last year for the iPhone 13.

In France, Apple had also made an exception in this regard by removing only the charger from its boxes. In effect, a law required all smartphone manufacturers to provide hands-free kits to make phone calls when selling a device. This was recently removed, which prompted the Californian manufacturer to stop including headphones in France since the beginning of the year.

Apple saves billions thanks to its slimmer boxes

Remove the headphones and charger from their boxes a allowed Apple to refine the design of its iPhone boxes. The direct consequence is the possibility for the company to transport up to 70% more parcels, and thus reduce the number of journeys necessary to transport a stock of products. With this measure, Apple estimates that it only generated 22.6 million tons of CO2 in 2020compared to just over 25 million in 2019.

In addition, the American giant claims that its decision saves 861,000 tons of copper, zinc and tin every year. What Apple obviously fails to say is that it also saves a lot of money by removing items from iPhone boxes. According to information from the Daily Mail, Apple would have saved nearly 6 billion euros in total, and nearly 32 euros per smartphone.

In addition to these savings, Apple would generate new profits thanks to the sale of wired headphones at 19 euros or mains adapters at 25 euros. The withdrawal of headphones even pushes some customers to opt for AirPods wireless Bluetooth headphones at more than a hundred euros.

Source: Daily Mail

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