Apple would hide the job titles of former employees

Dear Scarlettone of the founders of the #AppleToo protest group, says she still hasn’t been able to find work after leaving the company because Apple is unilaterally changing the job titles of former employees.

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Due to these unannounced changes, his resume does not match those provided by Apple when a new company begins to inquire before finalizing the hiring.

Before leaving Apple, Cher Scarlett was one of the founders of the #AppleToo movement. Since quitting her job, she has opposed Apple’s attempt to get her to sign a nondisclosure agreement, but has also launched a lawsuit against the company.

As The Washington Post reports, when someone leaves the company, Apple changes the public job title registry. Regardless of the position actually held by the former employee, Apple turns him into a generic “associate”. It’s probably a way to make it harder to understand what’s going on in the company if multiple people on the same team leave at the same time, but whatever the reasons, Scarlett (and other former employees) are struggling to find a new job without being able to confirm what she was doing at Apple.

The woman explains that potential new employers have not been able to verify her CV, thus blocking any hiring. The Washington Post reports that an Apple spokesperson confirmed that the company changed job titles to “Associate” years ago, but did not provide further information.

“We are deeply committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive work environment”said the spokesperson. “We take all employee concerns seriously and investigate thoroughly whenever an issue is raised. Out of respect for the privacy of those affected, we do not discuss specific employee issues..

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