Apple would postpone the foldable iPhone to 2025 and launch a folding MacBook in 2026

Apple would have decided to postpone the launch of the foldable iPhone to 2025. In no hurry to compete with the competition on the mobile, the Cupertino giant would also be working on a MacBook with a foldable screen.

foldable iphone concept
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Like most smartphone manufacturers, Apple is preparing to enter the foldable phone market. Many rumors claim thata foldable iPhone is in development in the laboratories of Cupertino. Intended to replace the iPad mini, this foldable iPhone would be built around an 8-inch QHD + foldable OLED screen and accompanied by an Apple Pencil stylus.

Despite the delay on the competition, Apple would not aim to market this foldable iPhone for several years. Previous leaks that appeared on the web expect a launch sometime in 2024. In a new report published on February 21, 2022, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), an industry analysis firm, expects instead to marketing in 2025.

A foldable MacBook launched just after the folding iPhone?

Citing information obtained from the supply chain, the analysis firm of Ross Young assures that Apple is not in no rush to send its foldable iPhone to compete with Android competition. For now, the Californian brand should be content to improve its current formula, which consists of several iPhones sold at different prices.

Rather than focusing on its iPhone with folding screen, the Silicon Valley giant would work on a rather unexpected product: a foldable MacBook. According to the report, Apple is currently exploring the idea of ​​designing a laptop built arounda 20-inch 4K foldable display.

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The analysis firm claims that this foldable MacBook would aim to fill two uses. When folded, it could be used as a traditional laptop. When unfolded, the device could serve as a display in a desktop setup. It would suffice to add a keyboard or a mouse. It would be both a laptop PC and a PC monitor.

The approach is similar to that of the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED presented during CES 2022. The report expects the foldable MacBook to be launched after the foldable iPhone, either in 2026 or 2017. We tell you more soon as possible on Apple’s plans. While waiting for more information, do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments below.

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