Apple would work on a connected alliance to spy on his spouse, really?

A mysterious tweet alleging that Apple was working on a connected ring to spy on his partner has been buzzing on Twitter since yesterday. Designing such a device is possible today, but what is it really?

Credit: Victor Soto

Yesterday, a Twitter user posted a tweet in which he announced that Apple would be developing ” connected wedding bands that will let you know the location of your partners, where they have been and if they have removed the ring “. This tweet did not fail to make the twittosphere react, since many people have gotten into a debate about privacy.

Users point to the recent controversies that Apple has had to face with its AirTag, which has for example already been used by thieves to track their targets and some trackers have even been diverted from their use by criminals. It did not take long before Twitter users mentioned the potential abuses that we could witness with such devices. These could in particular promote domestic violence.

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No, Apple is not working on a connected ring

Although Apple does not have the best reputation for privacy, it seems unimaginable that the American manufacturer is working on such a device, especially since the information comes from an unknown user, and that it has not been corroborated by any other leaker. The image in question comes from a 2007 concept by designer Victor Soto. So we don’t expect Apple to unveil a connected ring in the next few years..

Although Apple isn’t currently working on such a device, a connected ring that can track you isn’t impossible. Some companies have been making smart rings for several years now. We find for example Oura, the leader in the field with its Oura Ring, sold from 299 dollars.

It is not a tracker, but a ring to monitor your sleep and physical activity. She is also able to provide health data about your bodys such as your heart rate, your blood oxygen level or even determining temperature changes. All these features are already possible thanks to the Apple WatchApple therefore has no real interest in miniaturizing all these sensors for the moment to integrate them into a connected ring.

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