Apple’s AR headset will detect hand gestures

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s first AR headset is expected to include several highly sensitive 3D sensing modules to deliver an innovative user interface for gesture and object detection.

new concept headset ar apple d21

Here’s what Kuo said, following what was said earlier about the possible features of the second generation Apple AR Viewer:

“We predict that the structured light of the AR / MR viewer can detect not only the change in the position of the user or the hand, objects or other people in front of the user’s eyes, but also the dynamic change. hand details (just like iPhone Face ID which can detect dynamic change in user’s expression with Animoji).

Capturing the details of hand movement can provide a more intuitive and vivid human-machine interface, for example, by detecting the user’s hand changing from a closed fist to an open hand, causing a balloon to appear in the interface that flies away. “

Kuo explains that the viewer’s ability to detect both gestures and hand movements will provide the user with an engaging experience in which it will be possible to perform different interactions.

To achieve this advanced functionality, Apple would have to incorporate four sets of 3D sensors of higher quality and specifications than current iPhones. Kuo considers the quality of this human-machine user interface to be the key to the success of Apple’s next AR headset. According to Kuo, these interface capabilities include gesture control, object detection, as well as eye detection, iris recognition, voice control, skin detection, expression detection and spatial detection.

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