Apple’s arrival in the “Metaverse” should allow it to reach $ 3 trillion in capitalization

Daniel ives firm Wedbush is rarely shy when it comes to Apple. The seasoned analyst is now stepping in and believes Apple has a good chance of sustaining a super iPhone sales cycle, in part thanks to Apple’s strong performance in China, results “Well beyond the expectations of Wall Street”. For Ives, the iPhone will break everything during the holiday season, and should sell 40 million copies during the few weeks between January 1.

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And then, we must take into account the arrival of Apple in the Metaverse sector. The Wedbush analyst thus considers that the launch of an “Apple Glass” AR / VR headset alone will allow AAPL to climb by 20 dollars (the share). In the end, between the massive iPhone sales and the launch of potentially disruptive new products, Ives is pretty sure that Apple’s capitalization will exceed $ 3 trillion in the year 2022 (i.e. a share of more than 200 dollars)! Yes, it’s absolutely huge,

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