Apple’s first AR / VR headset to arrive within a year

The big Apple news of 2022 could be the AR / VR headset that has been talked about so much in recent months.

Apple AR headset, Apple VR headset

New rumors confirm that Apple is set to launch its first headset by the end of 2022, allowing users to try new integrated AR and VR experiences.

The device is expected to offer both augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities related to games, communications and media. The launch is scheduled for 2022, probably after a rich presentation at WWDC next June.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple headset should be unveiled in June with all the development tools to share with developers, to then be launched in the fourth quarter of 2022. It is not excluded that Apple may offer developers a first test model already in summer, in order to allow those interested to create new AR and VR applications for the device.

According to the latest rumors, the headset will be entitled to a very minimal and lightweight design, two 4K micro-LED screens, 15 optical modules, two main processors, 6E Wi-Fi connectivity, eye tracking, object tracking and gesture controls. The price should be around $ 3,000. If so, it won’t be a mainstream product in a good way.

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