Apple’s Kaiann Drance talks about the winners of the ‘Shot on iPhone Macro’ contest

Following the announcement of the Shot on iPhone Macro contest winners, VP of iPhone Marketing Kaiann Drance gave an interview to photographer Tyler Stalman.

Kaiann Dance, Shot on iPhone Macro

Kaiann Drance spoke about the background and evolution of mobile photography. Unlike previous competitions, this year Apple wanted to highlight the power of macro photography, recently introduced on the iPhone with the iPhone 13 Pro range.

“One of the things we believe in Apple is that the true potential of our products is fully realized when it gets into the hands of our users. This challenge, in particular, really showcased the macro function in a wonderful way, because we had people from different backgrounds.

Macro photography has always been a technique reserved for professional photographers who had to carry a separate lens with them or who needed special equipment. And now on the iPhone 13 Pro there’s a new feature that just lets you bring the camera closer and automatically put it into that really amazing sharp focus, letting you capture such incredible detail and turn a normal thing into a thing. extraordinary ” . »

During the interview, photographer Stalman also spoke with Trevor Collins, Ashley Lee, Guido Cassanelli, Abhik Mondal and Daniel Olah, some of the contest winners.

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