Apple’s MagSafe battery prototype unveiled in pictures

Photos of a prototype of Apple’s MagSafe external battery have appeared on Twitter and show that there are differences with the final model sold commercially.

MagSafe Battery Protoype

A prototype unveiled in photos

The prototype features a glossy white plastic shell, printed credentials on the side, a different material for the rear surface, without an embossed MagSafe alignment ring, and an LED on the back instead of the bottom.

Despite the absence of the embossed MagSafe ring, the prototype still features a slight circular outline which indicates the presence of MagSafe technology. It is possible that the prototype is simply devoid of the additional rubbery layer present on the model sold commercially.

The choice of the location of the LED is in any case surprising. Simply putting the iPhone down hides it. This probably explains why the LED has a different location on the final model.

The MagSafe external battery costs 109 euros and was officially announced last July. Here’s how Apple describes it:

The MagSafe external battery is fixed with a gesture. Its compact design allows you to easily charge your device wherever you are. And its magnets, perfectly aligned with those of your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, hold it securely in place to give you extremely safe and reliable wireless charging.

The MagSafe Power Bank provides even faster recharging capability when paired with a 27W or larger charger, such as those included with MacBooks. And if you need a wireless charger, just plug in a Lightning cable for up to 15W wireless charging.

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