Apple’s Studio Display also works with a PC, but some options are Mac-only

The Apple-designed Studio Display is also compatible with PCs running Windows or Linux. According to the brand, the screen is not only reserved for Macs. However, some features will not be offered to computers that do not have macOS.

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During its last keynote, Apple lifted the veil on the Mac Studio, an overpowered computer powered by the M1 Ultra chip. Offered at a starting price of 2,299 euros, the computer is primarily intended for creative people who carry out video editing or image editing.

To accompany this box, Apple has also announced the Studio Display, a 5K screen offered at a starting price of 1749 euros. The firm also sells an edition covered with nano-textured glass for 1999 euros.

The Studio Display is compatible with PCs but some options require macOS

The accessory stands out as the ideal screen to accompany a Mac Studio. Apple specifies that the screen “works great with Mac laptops and desktops, from MacBook Pro to MacBook Air, Mac Pro and Mac mini”.

Asked by MacRumors, Apple claims that the Studio Display screen is also compatible with computers running Windows. According to the brand, it is possible to connect the screen to any PC and use it as an external monitor.

But, unsurprisingly, the experience won’t be as rich as connecting the display to a Mac. According to Apple, some of the screen’s flagship features require the use of a macOS machine.

On the same theme: Apple offers a €25 cloth with its Studio Display screen, but only for the most expensive model!

For example, it will be Can’t summon Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, without a Mac. Some options dedicated to the display will also be absent. This is the case of True Tone. This technology, also present on the iPhone and iPad, adapts the color and intensity of the screen to the ambient light.

At last, Centered Frame will also be absent if you have a PC. The option uses algorithms to keep you in the center of the picture during a FaceTime video call. The screen’s impressive hardware, which includes 6 speakers, is still accessible to Windows users, and that’s good news.

Source: MacRumors

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