Apple’s vice president of advertising leaves the company

An important executive leaves Apple. It is a question of Nick law, now former VP Advertising of the company.

nick law vp pub apple

Nick Law joined Apple in 2019 after a long career as Creative Director of Publicis Groupe, aiming to lead the company’s advertising team. For the past two years, Law has been responsible for leading Apple’s digital approach within the marketing and communications teams, playing a significant role in Apple’s media strategy, digital advertising and television.

Law has also been involved in the management of social networks, as well as in all of Apple’s digital communications and in the creation of successful campaigns such as “Shot on iPhone”. At the moment, it is not yet clear why Law has decided to leave Apple, or what his future will be.

Meanwhile, it looks like Apple and other big Silicon Valley tech companies are losing talent to startups working in the crypto world. Many engineers are indeed leaving companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Meta for young companies operating in the cryptocurrency sector.

Cryptocurrency is a constantly growing industry, and Tim Cook himself has said he is interested in this world.

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