Application certificates and notifications, here are the new features for developers

Apple has shared with developers the upcoming certificate changes for apps and push notifications.

App certificates, notifications, Apple developers

These changes will impact some software depending on the version of Xcode used by the developer. As announced by Apple on the Apple Developer website, certain certificate updates will be available for the Apple Push Notification (APN) and Developer ID service starting January 27, 2022.

APN certificates are required to enable push notifications in apps and websites on Safari and will now be issued via a new intermediate certificate.

“APN SSL Certificates will be issued from a new Intermediate Certificate (Worldwide Developer Relations G4 sub CA) focused exclusively on APNs. Once the new certificate is active and available for download, you can use it to send push notifications to apps (including VoIP), complications, websites on Safari, and passes for Apple Wallet. “

The company is also changing Developer Credentials, which are primarily used to authenticate Mac apps distributed outside of the Mac App Store. With this certificate, third-party applications downloaded from websites are automatically authorized by Gatekeeper.

Apple explains that the new certificates will have an expiration date of September 16, 2031 and that applications created and signed with Xcode 13.2 will automatically receive the new certificate. However, developers using older versions of Xcode will need to manually update their app’s certificates.

“The digital certificates you use to sign software and installation packages on macOS will be issued by a new Developer ID Intermediate Certificate that expires September 16, 2031. Newly issued Developer ID certificates associated with the new Intermediate certificate can be used to sign Xcode 11.4.1 software and later. If you are using Xcode 13.2 or later, the updated certificate will be downloaded automatically when you sign the software after January 28, 2022. If you are using an older version of Xcode, you can download the certificate manually or create certificates compatible with it. older versions of Xcode. “

More details on certificate changes are available on the Apple Developer Portal.

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