Arrest of REvil, the hacker group that unveiled the 2021 MacBook Pro

Russian authorities have arrested all members of the REvil hacker team, thus blocking the group’s operations.

arrest revil j22

Those who follow our news will remember the REvil hacker group not only for some ransomware that hit Macs, but also for sharing information about the design of the 2021 MacBook Pro that had not yet been presented by Apple.

Last April, the REvil group targeted Apple supplier Quanta Computer to steal design schematics for the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models that were later officially released in October. These images revealed various information, such as the extra ports and the presence of the notch, with REvil also demanding $50 million from Apple not to release any further documents. A few days after the request, REvil removed all documents and threats posted on its website, probably due to the investigation launched in the meantime by the US Department of Justice.

However, REvil hackers continued their activities despite a few arrests, carrying out a cyberattack on a gasdogtto that caused shortages on the US East Coast and exploiting a vulnerability in the management software designed for Kaseya to target between 800 and 1,500 companies worldwide.

Russia’s FSB security service now claims to have arrested all 14 members of the group and gained access to several key information about their operations. The search activities were also carried out with the help of US authorities, who in turn investigated the individual members of the group.

A total of 426 million rubles, 600,000 US dollars, 500,000 euros as well as various computer equipment, crypto wallets used to commit crimes and 20 luxury cars purchased with money from various cyber crimes were also seized.

The entire REvil network is now completely neutralized.

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