Back to normal for iPhone production in Shenzhen

foxconn has just confirmed that its production unit located in shenzhen operating normally again, 12 days after the factory was suspended following a rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic. Production had already resumed in a closed circuit since last Wednesday, which means that workers lived directly next to the factory and could not leave a predefined perimeter.

Foxconn Employees

“Orders and production have basically resumed their normal course” says Foxconn’s press release. The Shenzhen factory would produce around 10% of the total iPhone volume, with the bulk of production taking place at the Zhengzhou site (which was not affected by the health suspension of activity). The temporary shutdown of the Shenzhen site came just as Apple announced the iPhone SE (3) and new green colors for the iPhone 13/13 Pro.

Even considering the worst possible scenario, i.e. an extended shutdown of the Shenzhen factory, Apple could no doubt have “distributed” a large part of the production from the Shenzhen site to other production sites scattered in China or India. .

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