Balenciaga uses iPhone 6s HS as “invitation cards” for its fashion show

The parade Balenciaga on Sunday March 6 caused a sensation with its models parading under an artificial snowstorm! This parade was organized at Le Bourget Exhibition Centerand it was necessary to have a very special invitation card to attend: each guest had indeed been given a iPhone 6s (a real one) engraved on the back with the event menu! The luxury brand nevertheless made it clear that the iPhones in question were all out of service and that they were not broken down to serve as invitation cards.

Balanciaga iPhone cardboard invitation

Jumping at the chance (the marketing has great resources), the German division of Backmarket reached out to some of the guest stars on Instagram to let them know they could fix these iPhones. It is not certain that Justin Bieber (guest at the parade) is really interested in an iPhone 6s.

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