Be careful when installing macOS 12.3 beta if you have macOS Catalina

Apple updated the macOS 12.3 Beta Notes to alert macOS Catalina users of a potential issue when installing macOS 12.3 or macOS 11.6.4 betas on a separate APFS volume with FileVault enabled.

macOS 12.3 beta

“If macOS Catalina is currently installed on your Mac, installing macOS Monterey 12.3 beta or macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 beta on a volume that has FileVault enabled may cause a boot loop when trying to access it again to the previous volume. »

On a Mac with macOS High Sierra or later, you can install macOS on a separate APFS volume and then switch between versions of macOS, including betas, as if each were on a separate disk.

Apple released the first beta, also public, of macOS 12.3 earlier this week, with a key new feature that is Universal Control. Additionally, it also includes new emojis, removes core extensions used by Dropbox and OneDrive, removes Python 2.7, etc.

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