Benchmark: the iPhone SE (3) displays the same performance as the iPhone 13/13 Pro… on a processor core

I’iPhone SE (3) has the same processor as the iPhone 13 and 13 Proor a Bionic A15 supported by 4 GB of RAM. Despite this big boost in power, it was legitimate to wonder if Apple had not clamped the SE model chip, as has already been the case in the past (with the iPad mini 6 in particular). Good news then, benchmark Geekbench 5 just dropped, and it shows that the iPhone SE (product ID name iPhone 14.6) shows overall the same performance as the iPhone 13 on single-core tests, i.e. 1695 pts. A much clearer difference is however visible on the multi-core test since the iPhone SE reaches 4021 points against nearly 4600 points for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro!

iPhone SE 3 benchmark

Could it be that the SE’s A15 has one less core? A priori, the difference in multi-cores is not due to a difference in clock frequency since the single-core test shows no notable difference. As a reminder, the iPhone 13 Pro has an additional GPU core (but normally this should not count too much in a Geekbench 5 bench) and more RAM.

The iPhone SE will be available for pre-order tomorrow March 11 at a price of 459 euros.

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