Blackb0x, jailbreak tool for old Apple TV

Blackb0x could be of interest to those who still have an old Apple TV, with the tool that offers jailbreaking. It is true that the jailbreak of the Apple case is more confidential than that of the iPhone, but some need it to enjoy new experiences.

Blackb0x Jailbreak Apple TV

Blackb0x jailbreak old Apple TV

2nd or 3rd gen Apple TV owners can use Blackb0x to jailbreak their case. It is good to note that it is intended to be tethered or untethered depending on the Apple TV and the versions of tvOS. As a reminder, tethered means that you have to redo the jailbreak each time you restart. When it’s untethered, the jailbreak stays on all the time, even after a reboot.

Here is the detail for the tethered or untethered jailbreak:

Apple TV 2G (A1378): untethered jailbreak with tvOS 6.1.4, tethered jailbreak with tvOS 7.1.2

  • Apple TV 3G (A1427): tethered jailbreak with tvOS 7.x, untethered jailbreak with tvOS 8.4.x
  • Apple TV 3G revised (A1469): tethered jailbreak with tvOS 7.x, untethered jailbreak with tvOS 8.4.x

The Apple TV you are jailbreaking must be connected to the Internet during the first boot. Also, it should not be turned off until Kodi appears on the screen as this indicates that the jailbreak is complete. The nitoTV extension will be installed automatically after the awkwardTV repository is brought back online.

How to jailbreak your Apple TV with Blackb0x

The process for jailbreaking Apple TV with Blackb0x varies by model. In the case of the 2nd generation models and the 3rd generation revision, you must connect the box to your Mac, launch Blackb0x, click on “Install Jailbreak” and follow the instructions to enter DFU mode. With the first variant of the 3rd generation Apple TV, there are additional stages that appear.

The jailbreak of Apple TV with Blackb0x can be found on this GitHub repository. The download link (ZIP file) is on this page. There is no version for Windows or Linux.

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