BOE aims to provide OLED screens for future iPads

Apple supplier BOE recently converted one of its factories in China to produce larger OLED displays designed for smartphones, tablets and computers, The Elec reported.

BOE, iPad OLED screen

The report says Chinese company BOE is likely aiming to supply OLED displays for future iPads after becoming one of the iPhone 13 display suppliers. The converted factory will be able to produce displays up to 15 inches. , but it remains to be seen if Apple ever will. pull out a 15-inch iPad. In June 2021, Mark Gurman said that the Cupertino company had explored the idea of ​​an iPad with larger screens, but such a tablet will probably only arrive in a few years.

The BOE factory will have the capacity to produce OLED displays with two layers of red, green and blue emission, which could lead to future iPads with significantly brighter screens. However, it remains to be seen whether BOE will be successful in bringing these panels to market due to the complexity of the technology.

Apple currently buys OLED displays for iPhone from Samsung and LG, but is increasingly diversifying its supply chain to offer more competitive prices and reduce the risk of depending on a few suppliers.

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