BOE, an iPhone screen supplier, has production problems

BOE is experiencing difficulties at the start of the year in terms of the production of screens for the iPhone. According to The Elec, this is directly related to the shortage of chips and the problems will impact production in February and March.

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Production problems for BOE and iPhone screens

BOE procures display driver ICs for iPhone displays from LX Semicon. But the production of LX Semicon does not reach the target set because of the shortage of chips. Due to the lack of factory production capacity, LX Semicon first supplied LG for integrated circuits and then BOE.

Given the ongoing problems, BOE expects to produce two million OLED displays in March, up from three million so far. For its part, Apple is said to have ordered 10 million OLED screens from BOE for the first half of 2022.

Naturally, one wonders if slow production for BOE displays is going to have an impact on iPhone stock. It’s a possibility, unless Apple manages to get more screens from its other partners. As a reminder, those who produce iPhone screens are Samsung, LG and BOE. It is especially the first which is the most active.

For now, there are no particular issues for the stock iPhone 13 or 13 Pro. A model ordered today from the online Apple Store will arrive on February 21.

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