Brand Finance Global 500: Apple still in first place!

Apple ranked No. 1 in the annual Brand Finance Global 500 rankings for the second year in a row. However, Amazon is gaining traction, while TikTok is the fastest growing brand.

brand finance global 500 apple j22

By 2021, Apple had regained the title, with Amazon and Google positioning themselves in second and third place respectively. All three companies maintained the same positions in this year’s new ranking. According to Brand Finance, the Apple brand is worth $355.1 billion, a 35% increase from its 2021 valuation and represents the highest value ever recorded by the company.

“Apple enjoys an incredible level of brand loyalty, in large part due to its reputation for quality and innovation. Decades of hard work to perfect the brand have seen Apple become a cultural phenomenon, allowing it to not only compete, but also thrive in a host of markets. »

Brand Finance placed TikTok at number 18 on the chart. It’s the first time the social media company has made it to the rankings, thanks to a 215% increase in brand value, with a combined value of $59 billion.

“Media consumption has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what’s more, the way we consume it has irrevocably changed. TikTok’s rapid growth is proof of this: the brand has reached its current level of international fame in just a few years and shows no signs of slowing down. »

As mentioned, Amazon ranked second with a reported brand value of $350.3 billion. Google, on the other hand, closes the podium with a value of $263.4 billion. Microsoft with $184.2 billion and Walmart with $111.9 billion complete the top five.

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