British Snowboarder Saved By His iPhone’s Emergency Call Function (Without Dialing)

australian news site 7-News reports that a Snowboarder 41-year-old Briton thought his end was coming after falling several meters into a crevasse in the Alps, a crevasse barely visible from the surface. To make matters worse, the Snowboarder was absolutely alone during his misadventure. Stuck on a fragile ice bridge and not wanting to live again live the movie 127 hours, the unfortunate Tim Blakey fortunately remembered that his iPhone, badly damaged during the fall, could call for help without having to dial, simply by pressing 5 times in a row the mobile activation button.

iPhone Rescue Snowboarder

Once the call was made, Tim Blakey was able to give his location and was eventually rescued. The snowboarder finally escaped without a scratch and got off with a huge scare. Like what, you always have to think about recharging your iPhone before a mountain getaway…

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