By 2022, BOE is expected to produce three times as many OLED panels for the iPhone

BOE is gaining ground among Apple suppliers. If we are to believe recent rumors, the Chinese firm should become in 2023 the second supplier of iPhone screens, behind Samsung of course. A South Korean news site announces today that this increase in power will result from next year in a tripling of the production of OLED panels for the iPhone, which would ultimately represent no less over the year. 20% of the total production of OLED panels.


Apple, however, only really dubbed BOE last year, for the launch of the iPhone 12. The production of BOE was then only intended for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini models. Apple’s orders for BOE have significantly increased for the production of the iPhone 13/13 Pro while at the same time the airfoil has been reduced a little on the side of Samsung and LG. Analysts believe that the proliferation of screen suppliers gives Apple leeway for trade negotiations with its suppliers, who find themselves forced to make an effort on the price of components.

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