AirTags sound louder to spot an unknown tag

AirTag Officiel

Apple this week offered an update for AirTags and the novelty is now known. Apple announces that there is talk of a loud sound for its object tracker. Louder sound for AirTags “Adjusting the unwanted tracking sound to more easily locate an unknown AirTag”, says Apple on a new page. The manufacturer specifies that you … Read more

Apple updates AirTags with firmware 1A301

AirTag Prise en Main

Apple is releasing a software update today for its AirTags with firmware that upgrades to version 1A301. The previous version was 1A291. This has actually known several variations over the months (1A291c, 1A291e, etc.). New update for AirTags As always with Apple, there is not the slightest information concerning the novelties brought by the new … Read more

MagSafe power bank now offers faster 7.5W charging

MagSafe power bank now offers faster 7.5W charging

The external MagSafe battery improves by now offering a charge at 7.5 W, against 5 W previously. This is possible since the firmware update (referenced 2.7.b.0) which is available since today. Now faster charging Like the AirPods, Apple doesn’t normally say anything about what’s new in its accessory updates. But this time, Apple confirms that … Read more