Hackers successfully bypass Apple activation

doulci bypass activation ios 7 Apple

Hackers have successfully bypassed Apple’s iOS 7 activation block that allows users to restore iDevices without authentication. The iCloud bypass solution is called doulCi and was created by @MerrukTechnolog and @AquaXetine. ICloud Unlock Solutions Stop looking for your Apple iCloud activation concern Here is a simple, definitive, RELIABLE and official solution to unlock your iPhone, … Read more

IPhone ransomers have been arrested in Russia

rançonneurs iphone russes

The Sydney Morning Herald site reports that Russian authorities have arrested two young hackers for hijacking iPhone via iCloud and holding them hostage until a ransom is paid. The suspects are two residents of the southern administrative district of Moscow: 23-year-old Ivan and a 17-year-old boy whose name we do not know is his accomplice. … Read more

perform iCloud bypass without iTunes

doulci software bypass icloud sans itunes

DoulCi Activator is the name of the software created by the doulCi team which is now known around the world for its server allowing to bypass iOS 7 activation on iPhone and iPad. doulCi Activator Software will be available free of charge and will unlock three devices per person. ICloud Unlock Solutions Stop looking for … Read more

new bypass solution icloud activation

bypass icloud activation iphone

ICloud activation strengthens security and has reduced iPhone theft, however it poses a problem if you want to buy a second-hand iPhone or if you lose your iCloud / Apple account password. As a result, many of you are looking for an iCloud activation bypass solution to finally enjoy your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. … Read more

New Apple iCloud activation bypass solution

activation iphone-localiser mon iphone-infoidevice

Apple’s Activation Lock feature first appeared with the iOS 7 update preventing the use of your stolen iPhone or iPad. However, a new flaw has been discovered that allows users to bypass the iOS activation lock! Before buying a used smartphone on eBay, The good corner or any other way, there is a way to … Read more

Notice iLib3rty.com site beware of scam

arnaque ilib3rty deblocage icloud

Because I am contacted very (even too often) in private to ask my opinion on various sites offering the iCloud unlocking of a second-hand iPhone or iPad bought, I decided to react to the unscrupulous practice of ilib3rty.com site which gets paid the heads of users. The iLib3rty site offers to download software of the … Read more