How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card on Mac

summary sd cards

The process of recovering data from a memory card is very simple using SD card recovery software. Professional data recovery software usually has a graphical interface to help Mac users know where to start and how to proceed. We suggest you to use iBoysoft data recovery software for Mac to recover data from SD memory … Read more

How to remove watermarks from an image?

comment effacer le filigrane photo ou video

Do you want an image without a Shutterstock watermark? Then you need software to remove Shutterstock watermarks. Shutterstock is a very popular online image collection store that offers high quality images, music and short videos. It allows you to record music or upload images as much as you want, but it does not give originality … Read more

Guide how to choose a VPN

guide choisir le meilleur vpn

Today, the Internet is part of the daily life of all French people. They use it to buy all the possible products or to afford the services of a service provider. But with the frequent increase of scammers on the internet, the protection of your personal data as well as that of your privacy is … Read more

How to Use FireTV Stick on Windows?

firetv stick amazon

If you are a regular at Amazon, you might be interested in this new tool that the e-commerce giant offers. Amazon’s goal? Compete with Google’s Chromecast. What is a FireTV Stick? This small device, the size of a USB key, is nothing but a means that allows you to broadcast different content such as music, … Read more

Change location and set auto-walk for Pokemon Go

foneazy mockgo iphone gps spoofer

Today we are going to talk about the MockGo software which allows you to bypass GPS location on iPhone, the main purpose of which is to offer greater confidentiality to its user but also to be able to move around virtually. Nowadays, many online platforms constantly collect our positioning to send targeted advertisements to our … Read more