Cellebrite: In the end, the US administration could not easily unlock the iPhone

Finally, the hacking material of Cellebrite will not allow customers of the Israeli company to easily unlock iPhones in their possession. The Intercept recently told us that almost all US government agencies had Cellebrite hardware, but the iPhone would still and always resist the small hack box. The 9toMac site contacted a Cellebrite client security company to find out for sure, and the response was rather surprising: as it is, the Cellebrite case would not unlock iPhones, and it would be the same for the most recent Android smartphones. Cellebrite would indeed have restricted the capacities of its hack tool in order to avoid fraudulent use and abuse of all kinds.


However, there is still a possibility to unlock the iPhone, which consists of sending the iPhone concerned directly to Cellebrite so that the latter performs the unlocking internally. The operation is billed at $4,000 per iPhone to be unlocked. This outsourced service (called Cellebrite Advanced Services) has at least the merit of filtering abusive requests (at least we hope so…).

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