[CES 2022] Intel Introduces Evo Notebooks That Can “Control” iPhone Remotely

Intel is investing more and more in the personal computer market, one way like any other to diversify beyond the single processor market. During CES, the founder unveiled new high-end PC models based on the Evo platform, notebooks that will also be able to “control” an iPhone remotely by the end of 2022!

Intel EVo iPhone

A demo “On stage” has thus lifted the veil on data transfer and communication functions allowing partial control of an iPhone remotely. It will thus be possible to transfer documents directly to the iPhone from the Evo PC, or even to integrate an iMessage conversation, always from the PC. Even health data from an Apple Watch (connected to the iPhone) can thus transit to the EVO.

These functions are based on software technologies from Screenovate, a company recently acquired by Intel. Another demo this time featured an Android tablet used as a secondary screen for an EVO PC. It will be interesting to know if this type of function will be compatible with the iPad …

Finally, and let us understand each other well, EVO is not a range of computers but a platform whose specifications have been decided by Intel and which several manufacturers can adopt. To use the definition given on the Lenovo site, “The Evo platform is a defined hardware environment designed to achieve impressive performance in new laptops. At a minimum, Evo-verified systems come with an 11th Generation Intel® Core ™ processor, a powerful Intel® Iris® Xe or Intel® Iris® Xe MAX graphics card, and a long list of top components. range of storage, networking and others. In addition, to be “Evo-certified”, manufacturers must prove not only that a laptop has these components, but also that it meets or exceeds the strict standards of Evo in terms of responsiveness, disconnection time, etc. “.

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