[CES 2022] Nanoleaf connected lights will soon be HomeKit compatible

Nanoleaf corrects the main flaw in its superb connected lighting by announcing that the Thread ecosystem will soon be compatible with HomeKit, Apple’s home automation platform. The update to HomeKit should be effective during the first quarter of this year!

Nanoleaf Square can partially or completely cover the wall of a living room or bedroom

Nanoleaf’s press release states that “cThis new update will allow Thread Borders (Nanoleaf Shapes, Elements and Lines) to work with all Thread devices via HomeKit, including the Nanoleaf Essentials bulb and light strip, Apple TV 4K and several Eve products (Thermo, Switch, Energy, Aqua, Weather and Door and Window Sensor)“. Nanoleaf further specifies that he is working very hard with the Connectivity Standards Alliance in order to support the Matter super protocol (which Apple supports since iOS 15).

Finally, and for information, Nanoleaf’s Thread technology consists of training “A low latency mesh network between devices” in order to “Guarantee faster connection speeds and eliminate connection interruptions”.

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