[CES 2022] Withings Body Scan: the connected iOS compatible scale can measure nervous activity

The Body Scan of Withings shift into high gear. Withings is taking advantage of CES to unveil the new version of its connected scale, and the least we can say is that the changes are numerous. First change that is obvious, the presence of an armored bar of sensors that the user will have to pull during the weighing. In addition to the cardio (ECG), this bar also provides information on “body composition by segmentation”, which means that it measures the density of the body and the elements that compose it (fat, bones, water) distributed over the arms, muscles. legs and trunk.

Even more powerfully, the Withings Body Scan also measures nerve activity (at the level of the feet) and can therefore to some extent detect the first symptoms of neuropathy or chronic nervous disease! Obviously, the health accessory must be connected to its dedicated app (iOS compatible), knowing that the recovered data can also be synchronized with the Apple Health app. The new Body Scan will be offered for sale during the second half of the year at a price of 300 euros.

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