check your security settings as Christmas approaches, it’s urgent!

As the Christmas holidays draw near, cybersecurity experts are unanimous. It is urgent to verify that your iPhone is well protected against security threats, as hackers usually take advantage of this period to spread their malware. We explain everything you need to do.

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Security has been at the heart of Apple’s development challenges for its iPhones in recent months. It must be said that the Pegasus affair has seriously undermined the confidence of users in the Cupertino company, which hastened to rectify the situation. IPhones will now display an alert when they have been hacked. But is it good enough? Experts doubt it.

This is not the first time that cybersecurity researchers have questioned the security device of Apple’s smartphones. In 2020, Chyaoukri Bekar, boss of Zerodium, did not hesitate to say that iOS is completely “screwed” at this level. The risk is real and all the more important as Christmas is just around the corner. However, this is one of the most prolific periods for pirates.

IPhones are more vulnerable to hackers at Christmas

With about one billion iPhones in circulation globally, they are a prime target for hackers. Also, it is essential to maintain an optimal level of security at all times. “Keep your iPhone protected with an access code or Face ID or Touch ID”, advises Chris Hauk, privacy expert at Pixel Privacy. “It prevents other users from controlling your iPhone”.

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Another important point: updates. Jamie Ahktar, CEO of CyberSmart, explains that “Application developers regularly correct vulnerabilities”, and that it is only possible to use it with the latest version of the firmware concerned. Jamie Ahktar also cautions against public WiFi access points, “One of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to launch an attack” according to him. The solution ? Using a VPN to connect on board a train or in a restaurant.

Finally, never underestimate the power of a good password. “Use strong passwords for each account you access on your smartphone”, says Jamie Ahktar. The latter also recommends using the NCSC method, which consists in “Combine three random but memorable words for each password you define”. Note that the iPhone itself offers to generate effective passwords via iCloud Keychain.

Here is a summary of all the recommendations of cybersecurity experts to dodge hacking attempts during the Christmas period:

  • Activate Face ID and or Touch ID
  • Update ios as well as applications
  • Use a VPN when you connect to a public WiFi network
  • Configure a voucher password

Source: The Sun

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