Choose your foot carefully before going to checkout!

The Apple Studio Display is one of the major new features unveiled during Apple’s last keynote. This 27″ screen capable of displaying a 5K definition will be able to accommodate different feet. In this regard, you will have to make your choice meticulously, since it will be impossible to change it once the device is received at home.

apple studio display
Credits: Apple

As you may know, Apple gave a new keynote this Tuesday, March 8, 2022. The Apple brand took advantage of this conference to unveil its future products, starting with the iPhone SE 5G, its next mid-range smartphone. of range. The Cupertino company has also lifted the veil on its most powerful processor ever produced to date: the M1 Ultra.

We will also find this chip in the new Mac Studio, an ultra-powerful compact computer designed above all for demanding users accustomed to extremely resource-intensive tasks. The Mac Studio does not come alone however, since it is accompanied by the Studio Display. This beautiful 27″ Retina panel in 5K is designed as the ideal companion for Mac Studio, but it is however compatible with all Macs on the market.

Carefully choose your support for the Studio Display

Offered from 1749 €, the user can, as is tradition at Apple, add some options, such as nano-textured glass screen, anti-reflective coating. It will also be possible to do your choice between several supports :

  • The default stand with adjustable tilt offers as its name suggests a tilt angle of 30°
  • With the second option, you can also modify the height over an amplitude of 105 mm
  • Finally comes the VESA mounting kit, which offers several types of mounting if you want to hang your Studio Display on the wall, on the stand of your choice or on an articulated arm for example

The stand combo with adjustable tilt and height remains the most expensive option, since it will raise the bill to €2,209 (if you opt for the standard glass for the screen). For the other two, the amount remains unchanged: €1,749. However, you will have to weigh the pros and cons before making your choice.

As Apple discreetly specifies this on its official storeeach support, each mounting kit is delivered integrated. As they are not interchangeable, it is important to consider the characteristics of your workspace when purchasing”. You would have understood it, no turning back possible, so think twice before you checkout. It would be a shame to spend almost 2000 € to realize that the support chosen is not suitable.

apple studio display
Credits: Capture Apple site

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