Class action lawsuit against Apple for “Jelly Scrolling” issue on iPad Mini 6

Colorado resident Christopher Bryan sued a class action lawsuit against Apple regarding the “Jelly Scrolling” problem of the iPad mini 6.

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Apple is accused of fraudulently marketing and selling the sixth-generation iPad mini despite being aware of the so-called “Jelly Scrolling” flaw. A few days after the iPad mini 6 was released last September, some users started noticing that text display appeared slightly erratic when scrolling with the device oriented vertically. In particular, the text on the left side of the screen appears to be slightly offset from the text displayed on the right side of the screen.

In late September, an Apple spokesperson said the effect was “normal behavior for LCD screens”. iFixit also confirmed that the effect is common for LCD screens, but the repair company speculated that it could be more prominent on the new iPad mini 6 due to the location of the controller board. display, mounted vertically inside the device rather than horizontally.

The lawsuit, filed in the Northern California District Court, alleges that Apple is aware of the defect but continues to sell the iPad mini without fixing the problem or changing its marketing to reflect the existence of the defect.

The lawsuit seeks damages equal to the number of people in the United States who purchased an iPad mini 6. The class action has not yet been certified before it can proceed with the lawsuit.

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