Could this mysterious device be a Mac/iPad hybrid?

This week, a rumor about a new 20-inch foldable device emerged. Mark Gurman attempts to clarify all aspects of this mysterious device.

hybrid Mac, hybrid iPad

In his usual Power On Newsletter, Mark Gurman returns to talk about this device shrouded in mystery. Following the anticipation of renowned analyst Ross Young, Gurman sees a laptop on the horizon with a full-size keyboard that can, if necessary, transform into a large 20-inch screen with external keyboard support. In fact, a new category of products could see the light of day with a Mac/iPad hybrid.

Sources from Gurman would confirm the work being done by Apple, although at the moment there is very little information about it. However, that device isn’t expected to arrive until 2026, a year that could also see the launch of the long-awaited Apple Car and AR headset. What do you think of a hybrid product? What could be the main features of the software/device? Let us know in the comments.

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