Covid-19: Foxconn suspends iPhone production

Foxconn, which produces iPhones in particular, has suspended its activities in its factories in Shenzhen, China following Covid-19 and local reconfigurations. The headquarters of the subcontractor, also located in this area, is also at a standstill, indicates Bloomberg.

Foxconn workers

A pause for iPhone production in China

The break at Foxconn begins today, but the company hasn’t said how long it will last. A few days ? A few weeks ? It’s a mystery for now. Naturally, the group must follow the measures taken by the local government, so it must respect certain rules. The government has for its part declared that all activity for businesses deemed non-essential must at least stop until March 20.

The production of iPhones, other Apple products and those of other brands should therefore be impacted by this temporary shutdown. But the impact will probably be felt in a few weeks or months, knowing that stocks of devices are produced in advance. Meanwhile, Foxconn has other factories in other cities that could ramp up production to try to catch up.

On Sunday, China placed Shenzhen’s 17.5 million residents in quarantine for at least a week to contain a growing outbreak of Covid-19. The move, taken after virus cases nationwide doubled to nearly 3,400 cases, will be accompanied by three rounds of mass testing across the city. The move follows restrictions previously imposed on Shenzhen’s central business district.

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