delivery times continue to shorten, Pro and Pro Max models are the most popular

Will 2022 finally see the iPhone 13 supply meet demand? Hope is in order, as delivery times get shorter across the world. If Europe is the worst housed with an average of 6 days, the standard iPhone 13 and Mini have reached the zero day mark in the United States.

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Contrary to Apple’s forecasts, iPhone 13 sales did not peak over Christmas. What looks like a failure for the firm could actually be a godsend. Indeed, since the launch of its new smartphone, the latter has struggling to meet the high demand, component shortage requires. Nevertheless, the sky cleared up a few weeks ago, according to the delivery times which are getting shorter and shorter.

A trend that is still confirmed today, underlines Samik Chatterjee, analyst at JP Morgan. By calculating the average delivery time across the globe, the latter has counted Three dayss for the standard iPhone 13 Mini and Pro Max, and 5 for iPhone 13 Pro. A few weeks earlier, these delays reached 2.2, 5 and 5 days respectively. The drop is therefore not significant, but it heralds an imminent improvement in the situation.

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Wait less time to receive your iPhone 13

In the United States, which accounts for 35% of global iPhone sales, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max typically arrive at their destination. 1 or 2 days after purchase. It is possible to recover your standard iPhone 13 and Mini the same day. These figures further confirm the attractiveness of users for high-end models. In China, another major market with 15% of sales, the situation is similar: only the iPhone 13 Pro puts 5 days to be delivered, where the other versions require a maximum of 1 day of patience.

Finally, in Europe, the situation remains more complicated than elsewhere. In the UK and Germany, it usually takes 6 days to get hold of your smartphone. Still, Apple’s goal of ending the shortage by February 2022 is achievable. Better not to be too optimistic, however. This goal is relatively ambitious, especially since the Cupertino company was forced to stop production for several days following restrictions from China.

Source: Apple Insider

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